Each application for a grant is individually assessed by the Trustees for eligibility. Preference will be given to children and young people with special needs for specific projects in High Wycombe and the surrounding area. They may be:

  • modest but important to an individual. We recognise that a small donation may make a huge difference to the quality of someone's life.
  • more substantial, for example to assist with a major building project. Some grants may be considerably larger for the benefit of a greater number of individuals.

    Grants we have made include funding towards:

  • computerised communicator for child with autism
  • holidays for children with special needs
  • funding for summer respite and play schemes
  • funding for respite for children with life limiting illnesses
  • holidays for deaf/blind children
  • powered stair climber
  • concerts for special needs groups and schools
  • minibus
  • standing frame
  • walkers
  • equipment for sensory room
  • adaptations to boats for disabled
  • play equipment for special needs e.g. scooters, trikes
  • wheelchair/bike for cycling group
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