Grant Cases

Here are a few examples

The Trust made a contribution to Foundation for Conductive Education towards a walker, which enables Andrew to bear his own weight and to move around freely. The walker also frees up Andrew's hands so that he is able to grasp, touch, hold and even carry objects.
The walker is adjustable to allow for growing and for use by others.


The Trust made a small grant to the parents of Patrick to assist with the purchase of a minibus to transport him in his wheelchair together with the family. The wheelchair lift has taken away much of the effort required to get their son in and out of the minibus, enabling them to enjoy travelling about as a family



The Trust made a donation to Peach , (Parents for the Early Intervention of Autism in Children), towards the costs of the charity's helpline which supports parents who have been devastated on receiving the diagnosis of Autism in their child. Peach also provide practical programmes and continual assessment for children like Karen.


First Birthday Emma
Emma was born two months premature and has global developmental delay. She also has delay in her physical and motor functions, severe reflux problems, poor appetite and poor weight gain. On the beach in France She is prone to choking and vomits until her stomach is empty.
Emma's mother has had multiple operations on her spine.
The Trust funded the purchase of a special swivel car seat to make it easier for her to get Emma in and out of the car.



Jenny was a lively 12 year old when the Trust assisted her parents with a small grant. She has suffered from primary bone cancer, which necessitated replacement of her upper arm and shoulder bone with a titanium prosthesis. The chemotherapy damaged her heart and she has suffered a stroke.
Her parents incur extra costs, not least in visiting many different hospitals and consultants, and the Trust's small grant was to help with travel and with a rewarding visit to Euro Disney.


Art Room Thomley Activity Centre
Donations have been made towards equipment and other running costs of the Thomley Activity Centre, which provides indoor and outdoor play for children with disabilities, also their families and friends.
Big Bubbles It increases the self-esteem, health, confidence and social skills of disabled children and their siblings through play and recreation.
Facilities include music equipment, a 1km cycle track, play rooms and a soft play area, as well as art, craft, and IT facilities.


Zip Wire Lots of coloured balls Swing